Booking A Pro Wedding Makeup Artist 101

Like every other aspect of your wedding day, your want your Bridal Makeup and Hair services to flow smoothly, allowing it to be what it really is, your wedding day me time!

Here are a few tips to help you through the decision making and booking process.

Decide on details: Your wedding dress, jewelry, hair accessories, colour scheme and venue are just a few of the elements that play an important roll in deciding your final makeup and hair look. Providing your makeup artist and hair stylist will allow us to create a look to suit that beautiful gown and antique hair piece. Also don’t hesitate to ask our advice on things like hair pieces! You may have your dream style but not sure what fits and we are more than happy to help!

-Due Diligence: Now that your details are in order who do you book? If you have a wedding planner ask them for a few recommendations on makeup artists and hairstylists. Your photographer will also be a great source! Once you have a few names do some research, check out their websites, reviews etc and most importantly look at their work and choose someone who’s style reflects yours. A hairstylist with only images of sleek and tight updos may not be the best option for loose and messy styles. A makeup artist with images of super glam over the top makeup looks may not be the best fit for natural barely there makeup. There’s an artist out their to suit everyones taste and style!

-Reach Out: Once you’ve found an artist or two that you like, shoot us an email! Find out rates and availability to ensure that they fit within your budget. Make sure that first email includes as much detail as possible, include what services you need makeup and hair? makeup only? will bridal party need services? how many? and also your wedding date and venue.
These types of details will allow us to provide you with a more accurate cost.

- The Decision: You found that artist and stylist that fits your style and budget! Now what next? Book ‘em! Don’t assume that because their first email said they were available for your wedding date that they will remain so. Most require a retainer fee in order to block off your date. Remember there are only so many weekends a month and even more weddings to boot. Don’t loose your makeup artist and hairstylist!

-Take the Trial: All artists run their businesses differently but one thing remains common, we all offer trial sessions. You may think of it as a extra cost to cut corners on but your face and appearance is no place to cut corners. Don’t think of a trial session as a way for us to prove our selves but as a way for us to consult, advise and create your final look. Sure that smokey eye looks great on Kim K but what if it’s just not you? This is what your trial is for, that way on your wedding day you can just sit back and relax, well at least for an hour!

  • Saj Mack of Brides by Saj is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing Bridal Makeup and Hair services for Weddings and Special Occasions. Saj is available for clients and Brides worldwide.
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